I Don’t Even Know

So my mom is having an episode. I could post some of the comments and messages she’s sent me but I can’t handle it.

My ex-husband has also been especially bipolar too.

I was ready to lose it.
Then Mandikins and Stephen came over.

I don’t often say this. But they have held me together over the past trauma. Mandi has been there for even longer, even when all I could do was curl up in my chair and cry.

No one has done even half of what they have to help me. Ever. I don’t know how I can ever even begin to repay them.

I think it’s time to cut the family ties. I can’t keep going through this over and over again. Now after t have e threats and horrible comments she’s sending Bible verses and messages telling me that I have done the worst a child can do and she doesn’t understand why I have done it. That she loves me. This is after over 50 messages calling me a liar and evil.

On top of Nathan’s behavior. And my aunt who is staying with mom started sending the same things. And she said “Fuck you” to me. I have let her live with me without any payment. I gave her my last 20 dollars and never asked for it back. She helped raise me. These women raised me and they have said some of the cruelest things ever said to me.

So I am cursed. But there is also the blessing of finding in friends the Family I never had from blood.
This was posted with my new phone. The one my friends gave me to help get me out of the traps I’ve been in. I’ll figure out the tricks eventually, but I felt it was important to use it to post this.

Amanda Palmer – Runs In The Family [OFFICIAL VIDEO]: https://youtu.be/5i0o3JRaF2g

So there’s that, I guess.


4 thoughts on “I Don’t Even Know

  1. Take care! and I am glad I paused by! you have me as well 🙂 and I LOOK forward to read more! God blesss!xx

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